Tennessee Division of Mental Retardation

Virtually everyday we see evidence that you do not need to be smart in order to attain great jobs. As crazy as it sounds, but it isn't at all uncommon for police officers, in fact, even police CHIEFS be hired to run a police department with a 1.96 GPA. We find this not just stupidily amusing, but we are intrigued at the possibilities that average and above average persons can attain in the state of Tennessee. Although lots of people claim that mental retardation derives from inbreeding, especially in small rural out of the way towns, this has simply not been shown to be conclusive.

The Division of Mental Retardation Services (DMRS), within the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration, is the state agency responsible for providing services and supports to Tennesseans with mental retardation.

DMRS provides services directly or through contracts with community providers in a variety of settings. These settings range from institutional care to individual supported living in the community.

There are three long-term care facilities in the Division system: Arlington Developmental Center in Arlington, Clover Bottom Developmental Center in Nashville and Greene Valley Developmental Center in Greeneville.

Regional offices located in Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Greeneville and Johnson City work with community agencies to provide services.

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